PruNergy lighting audit is the foundation of a cost-effective, energy- efficient strategy that enhances the lighting design. Each facility will have a unique solution based on the space, desired light levels, architectural features and other operational considerations. The attention to detail for both lighting efficiency and design is what makes PruNergy’s lighting audits so valuable. Energy efficiency systems are not one size fits all. We are not focused on “making the sale,” but to ensure that you receive the energy saving solution that best fits your needs

Lighting Audit

PruNergy provides a room-by-room evaluation based on the goals you have set for your facility. The lighting audit assesses the specific characteristics of your lighting systems which include;

Examination the existing lighting system efficiency and to provide recommendations for efficient lighting upgrades.

Evaluate factors such as lighting lumen output and color, current foot- candles, and architectural conditions before making recommendations for upgrades to a new system.

Assess each space for appropriate lighting controls, such as motion sensors and dimmers. These can result in significant energy savings. Recommendations include a cost payback analysis, a roadmap for implementation for short-term improvements and long-term capital investments, and an outline of state and utility rebate program.

A lighting audit provides a strategy to increase efficiency while enhancing the lighting design in your building. A good lighting audit significantly increases comfort and satisfaction, while saving energy and money. Our goal is to make existing lighting system more efficient while trying to maintain, if not enhance, the quality of the lighting.