predective measures


Now with Predictive Maintenance Programme (Pd M) we can make early prediction about possible future failures and helps clients to prevent Breakdowns during continuous operation .

Our Predective Maintenance Programme is a 

Clean, Simple & Impactful

There are two broad types of maintenance programmes which are commonly  practiced by industry.

(a) Break Down Maintenance, which has a Run-to-failure approach,

(b)Preventive Maintenance which carries out maintenance repairs on a periodic  basis to minimize component degradation, break down and extend the life of the equipment.

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Un- interrupted functioning of your plant is of paramount importance to maximize productivity and profits.

(1)Predicting power quality problems and giving complete solutions Power quality is generally defined as the voltage that will enable continuous & safe operation of equipment connected to a power source. By tracking key indicators over time we will predict when the equipments need repair.

(2) Capturing objects temperature profile as a two-dimensional picture. Changes in temperature are a key parameter in equipment monitoring. We can use this to (a) monitor and measure temperatures in the ball bearing of large motors or other rotating equipment, (b) identify leaks in sealed vessels, (c) find faulty insulation in process pipes or other insulated processes (d) find faulty terminations in high power electrical circuits to name a few.

(3) Predict whether industrial engines , furnaces & boilers are running efficiently By analyzing the flue gases like N2, C02 & excess O2 as a percentage of particulate matter, NOx and SO. Flue gas analyzers helps in terms of compliance with statutory emission limit values and in optimizing manufacturing processes from a thermal stand point.